So I just started riding a new horse who's only 5 and he doesn't know much. He was totally racing around the arena and not listening to my directions. He doesn't know half halts or anything and he goes really fast and when I lean forward a bit to slow him, he won't listen and he just doesn't get it. I'm supposed to show him later on this year and our communication just isn't going well. What should I do?


Do a lot of transitions and circles, keep his mind listening to you. Instead of just going around the ring, circle around jumps, changes directions, go over some poles, anything to keep him thinking what the next move will be. Do a lot of walk/trot transitions, and trot/canter. If he starts to speed up do a small circle, sitting trot or canter. Make sure your riding from your leg to hand, keeping your horse balanced and in front of your leg. Don’t lean forward when your asking to slow down, you want to do the opposite. Sit back and get your hips underneath you. You might feel like your leaning too far back but you want your body give in a vertical line from your shoulder to your heels. Keep your body tall and use light aids (keeping your leg/hands quiet)

Great advice